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Stop Wasting Money on the Wrong Consultant

How to Pick the RIGHT Consultant to Create Huge Profits and Long-Term ROI 

Struggling to get results in your business? Spending money on consultants and see no forward progress? 

Discover these secrets and learn the best way to select and work with the perfect consultant who can deliver HUGE profits and long-term ROI for you! When business leaders are dissatisfied with their results, they get help from a consultant.This tell-all book makes the process of picking the right consultant easy for you—so you can experience confidence and peace of mind that you have selected the perfect consultant to guide you to achieve great results, and for your company to thrive.

I have a gift for you

Stop Wasting Money on the Wrong Consultant - This book is dedicated to all the business leaders who find themselves struggling and need help. 

I understand! I’ve had the same headaches as you earlier in my career as I had to figure out how to deliver more with less, against tight timelines, amidst supplier crises and customer pressures, all while my family wondered why I was working so many hours. 

Know this

  • You are not alone

  • Your struggles are unnecessary

  • There is an easier path to the results you seek (and beyond!) 

  • Working with a consultant can create the fast track to success if you follow the advice in this book 

  • What you'll get

    Stop Wasting Money on the Wrong Consultant will provide you with the insights you need to make the best decision for you and your company. With the information in this fact-filled book, you’ll discover: 

  • How to avoid costly mistakes 

  • How to stop wasting money and time 

  • How to ensure your lasting success by hiring the best consultant to guide you on your business transformation journey and beyond

  • This book is for you as your path away from brute force, struggle, and frustration and toward the systems and processes that deliver breakthrough results that the right consulting partner can bring for you. 

    “Everything you need to know to find the perfect consultant to guide you to higher profits, an engaged workforce, and sustainable results.”

    — John Uliano, COO, C&M Corporation

    Discover the best way to select and work with the perfect consultant who can deliver HUGE profits and long-term ROI for you!

    Choosing a consultant can be an important step for you and your company. The right one can save you tons of money and have strategic impact that can position your company for enormous results and long-term success. The wrong consultant can cost you tons of money and create frustration as your team wastes lots of precious time. 

    Pete Winiarski

    Pete is Founder and CEO of Win Enterprises, LLC—a consulting firm that specializes in all areas of business transformation, including strategy and strategy execution, leadership development, culture shifting, using lean thinking and principles for process improvement, and more… His pedigree includes top organizations like Wiremold, Danaher, and McKinsey and Company. Pete has hired and worked with consultants, has served as a consultant prior to forming his own consulting firm, and has the inside scoop from multiple consulting companies—from the most prestigious strategy firms, to smaller boutiques, to dozens of single-member consulting companies. Pete is also the co-founder of the Business Consultant Institute and trains consultants to provide superior client service and deliver the maximum value with the highest integrity.

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