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Bonus Videos

Stop Wasting Money on the Wrong Consultant

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Stop Wasting Money on the Wrong Consultant

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As you read the book, feel free to view the video for the chapter you just completed. You can also read through the entire book, take your notes, then view the videos for more in-depth information.

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Bonus Videos

Section I - The Consulting Industry and Its Companies
CHAPTER 1: The Consulting Industry and Its Companies

According to a recent Accenture study, 43% of cyber-attacks target small businesses, but only 14% of businesses are ready to defend themselves. In this interview, Pete speaks with the CEO of CompassMSP, Ari Santiago, who shares steps that you can take now to protect your company from cyberattacks in the future, including the key components that make up a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

CHAPTER 2: Consultants––The People Who Support You
CHAPTER 3: Types of Engagement Models
Section II - How to Work with a Consultant
CHAPTER 4: Why Companies Turn to Consultants
CHAPTER 5: Signs You Should Consider Consulting Support
CHAPTER 6: Consulting versus Coaching––Both are Critical
CHAPTER 7: Contractors versus Consultants––There is a Difference
CHAPTER 8: Common Misconceptions about Consulting
CHAPTER 9: Costly Mistakes When Choosing a Consultant––and How to Avoid These Mistakes
CHAPTER 10: Signing a Contract
CHAPTER 11: Warning Signs that you’re Not Ready to Hire a Consultant
CHAPTER 12: The Importance of ROI versus Price
CHAPTER 13: Maximize ROI Principles—How to Make Your Consulting Engagement Super Successful
Section III - Common Business Needs for Consulting Support
CHAPTER 14: Strategy and Strategy Execution Consulting Engagements
CHAPTER 15: Leadership and Leadership Development Consulting Engagements
CHAPTER 16: Culture-Shifting Consulting Engagements
CHAPTER 17: Consulting Engagements to Implement Lean Thinking and Improve Day-to-Day Execution
CHAPTER 18: Other Possible Business Transformation Consulting Engagement Topics
Section IV: What Actions Do I Need to Take to Ensure I Hire the Right Consultant?
CHAPTER 19: Steps to Pick Your Consulting Partner
CHAPTER 20: Understand the Win Holistic Transformation Model™

This episode taken from an excerpt of Facebook Live on Nov 24, 2020 at https://www.facebook.com/PeteWiniarskiPage/live_videos/Be sure to subscribe to the show here: http://bit.ly/businessresultsradio

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